At Integrative Medical, we also offer innovative treatment protocols using adipose stell cells. The advantages of this potent and versatile technique:

  1. Adipose Stem Cells: Concentrated And Versatile
    Adipose Stem Cells: Concentrated And Versatile

    Minimally Invasive
    To harvest adipose stem cells, only a small incision at the belly is made and fat tissue is harvested under local anesthesia. Adipose stem cells are purified and injected right away. Drilling a hole in your pelvic bone – as in bone marrow stem cell treatment – is not necessary, and there is no risk of general anesthesia. The procedure is very safe and patients can leave our clinic immediately afterwards.

  2. Very High Cell Counts
    The unique purification technology used at Integrative Medical yields outstandingly high cell counts and cell viability. With our protocol, more than 1000 times more living stem cells can be harvested, compared to other techniques. This makes our stem cell treatment an excellent option for a wide range of conditions, potentially helpful even in advanced stages.
  3. Only Your Own Cells Used
    Adipose stem cell technique is also called autologous stem cell technique. That means, only stem cells from your own fat tissue are used. We do not use any steroids or other medications during the procedure, thus being able to provide a very natural, pure and exceptionally well tolerated treatment.
  4. Very Versatile
    Thanks to our unique protocol, we are able to use adipose stem cells for a wide range of conditions. We are able to treat health problems right where the damage is, for instance pain or joint damage, but we can also treat lung conditions or health problems that affect more than one organ, for instance autoimmune conditions.

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