Integrative Medical Therapies

Struggling with joint pain? Wanting to regain your ability to run, exercise, and move freely?  At Integrative Medical, we use a wide range of natural and conventional options to stimulate healing and avoid surgery, including injections, IV infusions, intranasal applications, or nebulizer treatments.

Our procedures have been showing great potential for patients with a wide range of health concerns, from painful joints to lung disease and arthritis. Each day, people choose our services to improve mobility and ease pain.

We also use stem cells. Stem cell tissues have been used for decades to repair damage and stimulate healing, for instance in eye conditions or wound care. Research in their use for other health problems has only begun recently, and preliminary results are very promising.

High Potency Treatments

Popular stem cell procedures offered at Integrative Medical include Amniotic stem cells, Umbilical cord stem cells, Adipose stem cells, and Exosomes.

Amniotic and umbilical cord stem cell procedures use high potency stem cells that do not require a harvesting procedure.

Adipose stem cell procedures make use of your own stem cells that are harvested via a ‘mini-liposuction’.

Exosome procedures, the newest addition in regenerative medicine, involves the application of small stem cell derived particles called “Exosomes”.

Initial stem cell research shows very promising results in regenerating tissue damage, reducing pain, and improving other symptoms. Stem cell procedures are minimally invasive and well tolerated, and all treatments at Integrative Medical are performed by licensed, experienced physicians.

Stem Cell Options at Integrative Medical:

Amniotic Fluid
Stem Cell Therapy

Umbilical Cord
Stem Cell Therapy

Adipose Derived
Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Our Mission

Integrative Medical is dedicated to providing leading edge procedures in regenerative medicine. Our mission is to help individuals gain access to non-surgical options that have a great potential to reduce pain and heal tissue.

All our consultations and all our procedures are performed exclusively by experienced physicians.

We integrate advanced regenerative medicine and the latest medical research to reach one goal: Getting our patients back to their lives as quickly as possible.