Stem Cell Full Body Makeover

A Full Body Makeover with stem cells is the strongest and broadest acting rejuvenation procedure available. It addresses all major areas of the body. 

During this extraordinary procedure, Dr. Fischer uses adipose and/or umbilical cord and/or exosomes as well as PRP via four different application routes to promote rejuvenation.

The stem cell full body makeover at includes

  • Injections to major joints
  • IV infusions to flush the whole body
  • Nebulizer treatments
  • Intranasal applications
  • Injections to the face
  • Injections to the scalp
  • Injections to the penis or vagina

This exclusive procedure will always be tailored to individual needs and desires. It can be scheduled on weekends, which offers the privacy of being the only patient at the clinic for the entire duration of the procedure.